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Vlad Litvinchuck serves as Excavation Project Manager.  Vlad is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Greencity Development.​




Leah is accomplished in project coordination and process development within the construction/excavation industry.


Who We Are

Greencity Excavation

"At Greencity Excavation, it is our honor to provide top-of-the-line excavation services to you and your business, clearing the way for your construction needs. We take pride in our work and strive to manage our projects in a way that blesses the lives of all involved.

We look forward to working with you to complete all your excavation needs."

Vlad Litvinchuk


Building tomorrows world today 

Why We Do What We Do.


Greencity Development excavation services have the experience and the equipment to take your project from the existing grades to any desired elevation needed.

Greencity Development provides a full range of excavation and earthwork services, including:

  • Demolition

  • Foundation excavation

  • Export and import of dirt

  • Excavation and installation of underground utilities

  • Street restoration

  • SIP install

To obtain more information on our excavation and earthwork services or to learn more about some of our past projects, please contact us below.

At the base of our beliefs are humility - which puts others first, hard work - which is result-driven, and honesty - which gains people's trust.

Our team members share the same values to build up and impact culture by developing a business to bless people's lives.

GCX Machinery


2015 Caterpillar 314E LCR

2018 Suihe Skid Steer Hydraulic

2018 Caterpillar 305.5E2 CRB

2018 Caterpillar 301.7D

2015 Caterpillar 299D

2020 Caterpillar 305-5E2CRB

Dump Truck

Excavation to Bless Lives.

People In Our Purpose

Humility That Puts Others First


Our company sees the people behind every contract and every project and seeks to enrich the lives of the people we work with. We value humility and putting other people first in all we do.

Excellence in Our Product

Humility That Puts Others First


We understand that a reputation is built over time and can be ruined overnight. We want our customers to reinforce the importance of quality and timeliness with Greencity Excavation. We commit to exceeding people’s expectations with hard work and continual improvement. At Greencity Excavation, excellence is not simply a profit tool. It is a way of life.

Integrity in Our Practice

Honesty That Gains People’s Trust


We work with a focus on long-term, sustainable results and seek to cultivate trustworthy and lasting relationships with all the people we work with. Honesty, transparency, and authenticity are principles that we hold to and operate under.

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